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Verbally delegate tasks, share meeting insights and collaborate with your team. Verbz is an AI-powered assistant for busy professionals.

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Verbz is fast, free, and secure.
Verbz is voice-first workflow for professionals.
Turn your notes and ideas into action.

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existing tools

8x faster than typing
Fast, human, authentic. Speak directly to your coworkers and skip tedious tap-input. Verbz's contextual AI enriches your messages, turning names and dates into action.
Structured workflows keep you informed
It's easy to lose work in email or chat. Simple workflows improve task ownership and execution. Stop wondering, start doing!
Share detailed meeting insights on the go
Verbz makes it effortless to share insights or delegate tasks while you walk to the car or wait for your next meeting.
Get more time for what matters
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Verbz is fast, free, and secure.